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Timed 4v4 currently open for another !

Raid Open
Open 10 minutes every 60 minutes.
Raid Open
Open 10 minutes every 90 minutes.

22:00 UTC/GMT England | 6:00 PM Eastern (EDT) United States
23:00 Central Euro (CET) Europena Union | 3:00 PM Pacific (PDT) United States
8:00 AM Eastern (EDT) Australia | 02:00 Moscow (MSK) Russian Federation

22:30 UTC/GMT England | 6:30 PM Eastern (EDT) United States
23:30 Central Euro (CET) Europena Union | 3:30 PM Pacific (PDT) United States
8:30 AM Eastern (EDT) Australia | 02:30 Moscow (MSK) Russian Federation

Double Agent Open
Open 10 minutes every 90 minutes.
now openTimed 4v4 Closenow open
Open 10 minutes every 60 minutes.

23:00 UTC/GMT England | 7:00 PM Eastern (EDT) United States
00:00 Central Euro (CET) Europena Union | 4:00 PM Pacific (PDT) United States
9:00 AM Eastern (EDT) Australia | 03:00 Moscow (MSK) Russian Federation

21:50 UTC/GMT England | 5:50 PM Eastern (EDT) United States
22:50 Central Euro (CET) Europena Union | 2:50 PM Pacific (PDT) United States
7:50 AM Eastern (EDT) Australia | 01:50 Moscow (MSK) Russian Federation

Confirm Current Syncronization

This page is dedicated to bring You a countdown for the static Mission events in Global Agenda, The timers will tell you when Raids, Double Agent and Timed 4v4, Open and Close.
Out of Sync?

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Please report to us, if it is out of sync, So one of the admins can correct it, Thanks!

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